I wish to acknowledge those who have helped make this site possible.

Eric Weber (website | designed and developed this site, Aidan Cameron-Smith ( maintains the site and adds new content, and Nicholas Ward designed the companion site prior to this one.

Alex Currie, my grandson, gave me the idea to provide Google Earth tours for each chapter. At first, I had no idea what an Earth tour was. Once I learned more, I recognized their importance for the book and the site. He also asked me to write the book!

Guillaume Ceyrac, a French citizen whom I met in 2012 when he dropped me an e-mail note about his climbs in the Andes. When I encountered problems with the tours, he provided advice and encouragement. He also offered valuable suggestions about website and video presentations. Please visit his photo and video site here to enjoy his adventures. To see his video of his ascent of the three summits of Tres Cruces, please visit this page in the "Watch a Movie" section on the website.

Rich Termini, owner of Home Video Productions in Pleasanton, California, edited my rather rustic camcorder files and made them viewable.


Unsolicited review by a reader:

"While we were on vacation this past week at the beach I had opportunity to read your book. It almost ruined my vacation as I could hardly put it down once I started. You have a definite writers flair and your style is something like a cross between Hemingway in style and Michener in details. Anyway, I found it fascinating and learned enough about high altitude climbing that I doubt I would have made a successful climber. You had me thinking at almost every turn you were going to die or incur great calamity from a fall or cerebral edema (a term I have never heard).

I hope your grandson was thrilled with the book and I hope you will if not already take him to see the great peaks of the Andes. I certainly hope the book sells well and sends you up the mountain again. I almost think the book should become a required reading for anyone who even thinks they want to be a high altitude climber."