Historical Sources and Miscellaneous

  1. Agustín de Zárate's Description of Gonzalo Pizarro's Expedition to locate the Land of Cinnamon and to find the Land of El Dorado

  2. John Hemming's Description of Gonzalo Pizarro's Expedition to locate the Lands of Cinnamon and of El Dorado

  3. Letter to the King by Gonzalo Pizarro about his attempt to find the Lands of Cinnamon and El Dorado.

  4. William H. Prescott's Portrait of Gonzalo Pizarro.

  5. A portrait of Francisco de Orellana by José Toribio Medina (1934).

  6. The names of the men on the voyage of discovery down the Amazon, from "The Discovery of the Amazon", by José Toribio Medina.

  7. This map denotes the notable incidents and where they occurred on the voyage of discovery.

  8. The Biography of Padre Gaspar de Carvahal, by José Toribio Medina.

  9. The Names of the River, by José Toribio Medina.

  10. A drone flight over the Amazon River and its rainforest. Courtesy of Scenic Scenes.

  11. A ride down a tributary of the Amazon River.

  12. Another boat ride on an Amazon tributary.

  13. A river boat cruise from Iquitos to Manaus.

  14. The chief and his Indians at one village welcomed Captain Orellana and his companions with a dance similar to this one.

  15. How the Companions Made a Fire On Their Amazon Voyage.

  16. This is the petition the companions asked the scrivener to draw up asking Orellana not to go back up the river to the Expeditionary force because of the swiftness of the river.

  17. A video of some of the numerous butterfly species along the Amazon river. Courtesy of Shiri Puno Amazon Lodge.

  18. Sights and sounds in the Amazon rainforest. Courtesy of Mindful Audio.

  19. Drawing of a Crossbow by Leonardo de Vinci, c. 1500.

  20. This is the petition the companions signed asking Captain Orellana to remain as Captain of the Expedition.

  21. A video of how to shoot a medieval crossbow.

  22. A video of how to shoot a medieval arquebus.

  23. This document recounts the events that the men going to Peru were to encounter and the fate of Gonzalo Pizarro.

  24. Terms of the agreement of exploration and colonization of New Andalusia granted by King Charles V to Francisco de Orellana